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As teams maybe aware the "use by date" of the current 49er construction tooling (hull, deck and wing moulds) has reached the critical stage.

In order to provide identical hull and wing assembly’s the the builders have recently completed the new plugs (hull,deck and wings) from which identical moulds have been taken and are now in the stage of delivery or awaiting delivery to the licensed builders.

The new moulds are identical in all ways and have provided the class with a now true one design hull, deck and wing assembly.

The only difference between the old and the new is that the wing will now be permanently fixed which is not the current case (able to slide).

Following negotiations with the ISAF the world governing body for sailing relating to the implementation date of the new mould hull and wing configuration and the class rules for the International 49er Class dinghy the following statement is issued.

Effective 1st November 2009 the hull and wing assembly from the new moulds for the International 49er class shall be become class legal for all forms of racing.


As the builders will not have the new moulds to commence their building program until either late May or early June time will not permit those builders to satisfactorily fulfil orders received to date. It is the wish of both ISAF and the Class that a fair distribution of equipment is in the playing field before allowing the use of such equipment as was the case of the new rig.

It has also been determined that as the 2009 ISAF World Cup of Sailing concludes with the Skandia Sail for Gold regatta in Weymouth (GBR) in September 2009 that only the current International 49er Class dinghy configuration shall be eligible to compete.

Marcus Spillane
Chief Executive Officer
International 49er Class


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