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Day 2 of the 2013 North American’s was a light affair and the race committee did well to run 4 races.  The Brazilian 49er team helmed by Fonseca had a fantastic day and built them self a solid lead.  The Austrians and Swedes had good days as well and are in podium positions in the mens fleet.  Here is a pic from the last race of the day with the sun reddening up the sky.

In the women’s fleet, it is very tight at the top with the Brazilian team helmed by Martine Grael held on to their lead by only 1 point by virtue of winning the 7th race of the series having been tied after 6 with the Italians.

Tomorrows racing will be conclude the regatta in the theatre, using the experimental format ‘First to 10’ points.  Our leaders take in 5 boats, but will have to score well in at least 2 races tomorrow to win the championship.  For full details read about the 49er experimental formats.

Results from the event are here.


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