49erFX As Open Class At Select Regattas

Important Notice – After the posting of this story, the Eurocup changed their minds and have restricted their events further.

It’s long been a challenge to jump from any youth class straight into the 49er. With the introduction of the 49erFX, there is a now a natural bridge for youth and mixed teams to sail a fast boat with slightly smaller sail area. There will always be some regattas where the 49erFX is closed to Only Olympic elidgeable sailors, and in 2014 there are a number of 49erFX events that are open to all competitors.

The 2014 schedule of major events where 49erFX is known to be open are:
2014 North American’s (Miami)
2014 Sail for Gold (Weymouth) Open
2014 Kieler Woche (Keil)
2014 Junior Worlds (Aarhus)
2014 Europeans (Helsinki)
2014 Canadians (Halifax)
2014 CORK (Kingston)
2014 US Nationals (Oyster Bay)
2014 South American Championships
2014 Palamos Christmas Race

We will try to update this list as and when things change. For now though, mixed and male 49erFX teams can count on some excellent regattas to test themselves at.
*photocred – www.priceycentral.com