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21. - 29.09.2013 / Marseille, France

2013 World Championships

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49er Results
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Final Results GOLD fleet (Top 22)

After Medal races.

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Final Results REPECHAGE, SILVER, BRONZE fleet (rank 23 to 97)

Final results

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Day 5 Overall All fleets Results

AFTER protests and promotions

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Top 4 Qualification

Results after race 5, Sep 26th end of day, there was no racing on day 3, these results are for the top 40 only. The group 41-97 results are in the link below.

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Silver and Bronze Fleet Qualifying Races

Even though these numbers start at 1, they are the second group of boats and there are 40 teams placed ahead.  These results are for 41st to 97th.

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Qualification Race Results

Overall results after race 6

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Final results as of 5.30pm, Marseille

Final Results GOLD fleet (TOP 21)

After Medal races.

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Final Results SILVER fleet (rank 22 to 53)

Final results

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Day 5 Overall All fleets Results

AFTER protests and promotions.

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Day 5 Silver Fleet Results

AFTER protests

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Qualifying Race Results

From split fleet qualifying.

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Journal de bord d’une novice (ou presque) – Jour 2
Championnats du Monde 2013 de 49er & 49er FX à Marseille 

Voir les  du jour.

Diary of a novice (or almost) – Day 2 of the 2013 World Championships 49er & 49er FX Marseille.

See pictures , the photosvidéos and the press release of the day.

We now come to the first real day of the competition world of 49er happening all week until Sunday in Marseille.  Today, the 1st qualifying rounds will take place, competitors will finally be able to compete against each other, testing their boats, fighting on the starting line, screaming for buoy toom, throwing themselves from one side to the other on each tack… let roar their competitive spirit sharpened after months of training!

Yes but now, cruelty, the weather is a fact with which we must deal, and the becalmed , a guest who always encroaches at the worst time . And this morning, we can say that it takes his ease … Nearly two hours waiting for the breeze rises, Dimitri Deruelle, organizer and the responsible party “Water” Event despairs.  All boats are docked, competitors and staff: same fight.  All eyes on the water, all await the small wavelets, heralding the famous thermal.

Shoreside staff, the media team (journalists, Press, photographer, webmaster, TV productions authors everyday very cool vidéos) including myself, tear out our hair: the internet jumps without stopping.

It allows me to do my favorite activity: hanging out, smartphone and notebook in hand, between groups of competitors, being involved as they can.

My ear is drawn by a conversation with a good emphasis from home: the daughters of the Italian team discuss similarities between Marseilles and Naples . But that does not mean navigation … and Paola Lavinia, 20 years and originating from Lake Garda, explain to Giulia et Francesca, 16 years old and having drawn their first runs in the Ligurian Sea, in Marseille also, people are warm-blooded and it lacks the shadow of Vesuvius lanes of Basket, visited during their day off. When we try to learn more about their sporting career, the girls quickly revert serious.  Paola has already run the world in Croatia last year 29er (smaller and less powerful than the 49er FX version), and confesses to rise steadily to 5 am to train with the thermal wind in the morning (again ). With Lavinia they seek the “theatre final”, ie the top 10 female crews.

Our conversation is interrupted by a rumor side flags: “It ends the interview! ” or the signal that it is time to move and prepare the boats, at least for the 100 crews boys who separated in three fleets will race first, says Danielle.

The fifty female teams wait until about 16 hours, when these gentlemen have finished their two races of the day.  So I continue my day of ‘girl power’ on the embankment opposite the port, commenting with Sarah and Julie on the boys maneuvers: “It is thanks to them that we progress so fast. Their experience and mistakes allow us to bridge the gap that might have against the other boats. “The Rochelaise and Brest have applied since July suitcase in Marseille, where they train at the Pole France French Sailing Federation, with 5 other women and 7 crew boats boys – including selected Olympians,  Stéphane Christidis et Manu Dyen. The main feature of this pair of blondes character pragmatism. One like the other work (Sarah is a school teacher, Julie quality engineer), and enjoy landscaped contracts that allow them to devote today nearly 40% of their working time to their passion. And all holidays and every weekend. And they hope their time in the next three years, if they win the selection for Rio 2016 Olympics the as the first 49erFX. But Sarah tempers, realistic “The level is very high. Our goal this week is to do what we can do without complicating things too much. ”

A little sausage and butter later, and the girls can finally get in the competition, while the boys back. The wind is low, but Dimitri was smiling “we had 7-10 knots of steady wind, which allows us to clean races without changing course. For the organizers, this is the perfect wind. ” This is also what that must have been thinking after 2 rounds in three tie that ensured the show: Fletcher & Sign (GBR), Warrer & Lang (DEN) et Hansen & Porebski (NZL).
Mens’s Results

49erFX side, while the wind keeps weakening, girls back, also after two innings. My Italian friends Giulia and Francesca finish third overall, Julie and Sarah, 16th (1st and French). As for the last girl team with whom I have discussed, enthusiastic and determined Griselda and Sara, unique crew came from Singapore, who faced the mistral since three weeks, not only won the “« Green Jersy» as best starters of the day , but also the first in the ranking of girls.

Voir les résultats femmes

Tomorrow, serious things continue with the following qualifications for the top 40 men and top 20 women. And in the evening, we will be a little less serious with a paella party By then, hopefully find some new stories to add to my collection of 28 nationalities on these championships.

As for you, continue to follow us live on Twitter and Facebook, and feel free to comment and share! > See also the pictures , the video and the press release of the day.

Your special envoy from the pontoon, Flavia


Photosvidéos and the communiqué de presse of the day.

Your special envoy from the ponton,

Daily Highlights

2013 Worlds

Daily Shows

2013 Worlds

The 2013 World - Full Highlights

This tab is both the official and unofficial notice board for the 2013 SEIKO 49er & 49erFX World Championships in Marseille, France.  Racing days are 24-29 Sept, 2013.  Below you can find a number of race documents and aids for the sailors. Registration for Sailors Registration for Coaches List of Teams Registered Both 49er and 49erFX are open, so anyone can sail either boat. Important : DO NOT LET ANY VALUABLE STUF IN YOUR CAR DURING YOUR STAY AT MARSEILLE (visible or in the back of your car) WHEN YOU ARE PARK OUTSIDE THE VENUE -Even if you are doing a five minutes shopping-

49er F-Series Fleet Assignment Day 6

Here is the fleet breakdown for Day 6 fleet races and finals


49erFX F-Series Fleet assignment for Day 6

Last day assignment including Medal Races


Sailing Instructions

Uploaded Sept 19, 2013


Theatre Style Racing Umpire Document

Open file

Notice of Race


Course Usage Plan

While regattas tend not to go exactly to plan, this is the plan should all elements of the racing occur on time as as planned.  Updated Sept 17.


Sailor Logistics #2


Sailor Logistics


Coach Boats are available from Port Tack Charter

Amendment 1

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Amendment 2

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Amendment 3

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Amendment 4

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Amendment 5

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Amendment 6

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Amendment 7

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Amendment 8

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Amendment 9

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Amendment 9 annex

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2013 Worlds Championships

The 2013 49er and 49erFX World Championships are in Marseille, France, from Sept 21-29, 2013.  Marseille is the home to the French 49er teams and is ideally situated for a World Championships.


Sept 24 – Qualifying, first start 11:00 am Sept 25 – Qualifying, first start 11:00 am Sept 26 – Qualifying for 49erFX, Qualifying Round 2 for 49er, first start 11:00 am Sept 27 – Semi Finals, first start 11:00 am Sept 28 – Semi Finals, first start 11:00 am Sept 29 – Finals – Theatre Style Racing, 12:00 (noon)

Fan Guide

For fans who want to watch sailing live in Marseille there will be live racing to view each day from Sept 24-29.  The championship course will be visible from shore.  Fans are also invited inside the venue to see the boats and sailors up close.  Join our audience each evening for the 6:00 pm evening show.


GPS – There will be GPS tracking of the championship course each day.  2 of the 6 fleets daily will carry gps transmitters so fans can watch racing virtually each day on 49er.org Daily Highlights – Each night there will be a daily video highlight package. Livestream Video – We will live broadcast the racing Sept 27-29, the semi finals and finals.  Each day on 49er.org we will have live action from the championship course in both English and French. Morning and Evening Shows – We will come to you live at 9:20 am and 6:00 pm each day to review the happenings from the regatta.  Join us as we discuss the event with our top sailors.  Check out 49er.org and subscribe to our youtube page for the best in video.


Stade Nautique du Roucas Blanc 6 Promenade Georges Pompidou 13008 Marseille To discover the event venue on live through the city of Marseille Webcam !

Racing Venue

The marina is in a U-shape, with ramps leading into the water on all sides with rough dimensions of 200m by 100m and then a serpentine breakwall to get to the sea.  There is room for as many boats as will attend and the entire area is surrounded by a high metal fence for security.  There are parking and trailer/camper facilities inside the venue. U_shaped_venue1 Here is how you will be able to launch. launching_ramps_Marseilles2 There are buildings, showers, toilets, wifi, tie downs anchors, hoses, and many more facilities for sailors in the venue.

Sailing Locations

There is a huge bay for up to 6 racecourses.  The shipping traffic goes on the other side of the Islands, so will not be a problem.  If we decide to do a long distance race, there are many interesting geographical features to use in the course. marseilles_overview3 Above, you can see the Marseille center is around the corner from where we are racing.  All the ferries along with other commercial vessels go outside the bank of islands that separate the two bays.  It’s about a 20 minute drive to the town center from the regatta venue. Below, see in greater detail where we will be racing from and where the host club is.  The host club has a beautiful bar and deck, so will be a great place for us to take VIP’s and sponsors after the days racing. Marseilles_Sailing_Area4 Almost the entire harbour is bordered by beaches from our boat park all the way to the host club.  On nice weekends, there can be 50,000 locals who come to the beach to hang out. Marseilles_beachfront5   Marseilles_Theatre_Style6 3 options are circled for the Theatre Style Racecourse areas.  Each of them is fine as for the three wind directions, though obviously we’re hoping it’s not offshore. What differentiates the three options is how many people they could accomodate to watch. A) is best viewed from a wide public walkway on the side of a busy street.  It’s elevated, so would be a fantastic view of the racing for any spectotors we can attract.  It could probably fit 500-1000 spectators. B) is right outside the breakwall from the the boat park.  Spectators can sit on a grassy hill with (hopefully) a big screen TV and watch the racing live.  This would be a very convenient and modest way to have our finals.  It would be easy to set up a spectator area and have the medal ceremony with the crowd after the finals, boats could even sail straight to the beach after racing as it’s only a short haul to our boat park.  This area could probably accomodate about 3000 fans/visitors comfortably. C) This is a very large area.  The T breakwall that justs out into the bay is about 100 wide and 300m long.  If we can secure big sponsors who want to put up grandstands and make a huge event of this, the location is very good.  Otherwise it will be too big for us to fill.  This area could probably accomodate about 20,000 people to watch. Below is the breakwall for area C T_area_for_viewing7 And the view the spectators would have looking at the water. C_course_viewer_angle8

Living and Eating

Here is a link to the club’s accommodation recommendations.  There are a number of hotels, apartments for rent in the suburb.  Only a 5 minute walk from the venue is one complex with a hotel that would be perfect for sailors.  That hotel has weekly rates that are quite good and 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 person room options. In between the accomodation area and the sailing venue are about 20 restaurants with food from all over the world.  This should be a really nice socializing area for all sailors in the evenings, as it’s based around a pedestrian walkway.

The Club

The host club, Yachting Club De La Pointe Rouge, has a wonderful restaurant, bar and patio.  For any sailors planning on bringing their sponsors to the event, there will be a great venue for looking after them.  Here are some pictures of the facilities. Host_Club_Restaurant_and_Bar9 Host_club_patio10