2013 British Grand Prix

The 2013 British Grand Prix will take place on June 14-16, 2013.  For sailing fans everywhere and especially those in the UK, come down to Weymouth and relive the excitement of the 2012 games with 2 full days of sailing excitement.

The class will be filming the racing from shore and have a play by play broadcaster call the races.  The racing will be close to shore, on the Nothe course from the Olympics, so you’ll beable to see all that is going and the host club is the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, host of the 2013 Olympic games.

The British Grand Prix will be sailed using the Theatre Style racing format.  For sailing fans that means greater excitement, as the races are much shorter and can be very close to the shore, so fans can be part of the action.


As Sail for Gold concludes on the 13th of June, a Thursday, the British Grand Prix will start the day after with fleet racing on the Friday.  The fleet racing results will determine the seedings for the Theatre Style Racing on both Saturday and Sunday.

For the 49er we will limit the field to 32 teams using the following format:

Tournament Format Theatre Style Racing 32 boats

For the 49erFX we will limit the field to 27 teams at use the following format:

Tournament Format Theatre Style Racing 27 Boats

This regatta will give sailors and the class a chance to practice a number of items related to theatres style racing.  We have a jury that will get to practice their playbook ahead of the Europeans over up to 14 rounds of theatre style.  We also give each sailor at least 2 rounds of theatre style racing to practice.  Register here for the event and here is the Notice of Race.

Spaces will be kept limited due to logistical considerations, so please register right away.  If there are more teams registered than our regatta limits, then teams will qualify based on their regatta finishing position in the 2013 Sail For Gold Regatta.