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28 August - 1 Septmeber, 2018 / Marseille, France

2018 U23 Junior World Championships

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For those who follow Olympic sailing closely, the outcome of the mid-year meeting this past May set the stage for what events will be in the 2024 Olympic Games.

Those of us in attendance were left with little doubt that the intention of the Council, at the time of the vote at least, was to have the 470 and Finn be retained, even if their forms might change. The slate proposed by M22-18 had very clear arguments in the ‘Reasons’ section outlining very clearly the slate aimed to have a mixed 470 and a Finn with a Woman’s singlehander included.

Recently however, an official interpretation was released by world sailing dictating that none of the reasoning is official, and the only official restrictions going forward are only what’s written in the submission itself, which is not very much.

The board event formats were already up for discussion, certainly the kitesurf, which is new. So have you say!

Which Potential Olympic Format Should Sailing Adopt?

The 2018 49er, 49erFX & Nacra 17 European Championship, at Volvo Sailing Day Gdynia, is from July 8 – 13. Follow all the action via 49er.orgnacra17.org

There will be daily as live news and video published via fb and youtube, so ensure you’re following

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The 49er and Nacra 17 Classes are sponsored by Magic Marine. For our fans, we offer the discount code Euros2018 for 18% off all of their excellent sailing gear! Head to our store! This offer expires when the championship ends, so don’t wait.

Results Entering Gold Fleet Racing

Nacra 17 Top 5 – Full Results

1            NZL        Gemma Jones, Jason Saunders                 8

2            GBR       Ben Saxton, Nikki Bonniface                     12

3            ESP        Fernando Echavarri, Tara Pacheco           14

4            ITA        Ruggero Tita, Caterina Banti                     14

5            USA       Riley Gibbs, Louisa Chafee                         23

9erFX Top 5 – Full Results

1            NOR      Helene Naess, Marie Ronningen               20

2            GBR       Sophie Weguelin, Sophie Ainsworth        26

3            ESP        Carla Munté, Marta Munte                       28

4            USA       Stephanie Roble, Margaret Shea              28

5            DEN       Ragna Agerup , Maia Agerup                    37

49er Top 5 – Full Results

1            POL       Łukasz Przybytek, Pawel Kolodzinski       30

2            ESP        Diego Botín, Iago Marra                             31

3            ARG       Yago Lange, Klaus Lange                            40

4            GER       Justus Schmidt, Max Boeme                     41

5            GBR       Dylan Fletcher-Scott, Stuart Bithell          43


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SI Amendment 4

Schedule Day 4

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49er - Gold fleet

Day 2

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49er - Silver Fleet

Day 2

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Teams and coaches must register for the event in the Manage2Sail system AND Pay for their entry through the class payment portal.

Notice of Race

Updated Aug 21 with new measurement schedules

Updated Jan 17 with new opening ceremony date

Updated Jan 17 with new emergency assembly area

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Sailing Instructions

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Map of the event venue

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Schedule Day 4

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SI Amendment 2

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The 49er and 49erFX return to Marseille for the first time since the 2013 World Championships. Site of the 2024 Olympic sailing in the Paris Olympics, these U23 sailors and future stars of Olympic sailing will get and early preview of their ultimate goal.

In 2018, the Olympic series are back in Marseille from August 26 to September 1 with 3 World Youth Championships: 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17. The best crews will have a glimpse of Paris 2024.

The events will take place from the Stade Nautique du Roucas Blanc, 6 promenade Georges Pompidou 13008 Marseille. 

Key information 

  • When: from Sunday, August 26th to Saturday, September 1st
  • Where: At the nautical stadium of Roucas Blanc
  • What: The 23-year-old world championships for 3 Olympic series: the 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17.
  • How: 5 days regatta, 2 rounds of races


  • Quality of services and organization
  • Conviviality in welcoming runners, visitors and coaches
  • Sport and competitiveness on the water

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