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July 19-20, 2014 - Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia 49er Grand Prix

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First Race July 19, 2014

First Race July 19, 2014

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49er and 49erFX – Foils (Centerboard and Rudder)

All teams selected for competition in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are reminded of their requirement to provide the the Rio Olympic games equipment inspection team with a builder certification certificate confirming that their foils (serial number 30,0000 and above) have been tested by the relevant builder and have been certified as meeting the manufacturing tolerances container within the builder construction manual.

Please rememberer it is the responsibility of the team to ensure that all equipment complies with the class rule, the event notice of race, and the equipment regulations.

Failure to comply will see equipment rejected during the pre event equipment inspection process.

2014 will be the second year in a row for the Estonia Grand Prix, and will be the first time that the series is part of the Finish Grand Prix Series.

This race is run in conjunction with the annual Tallinn maritime days, so crowds over 80,000 people are expected again this year.