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The German 49er and 49erFX teams are the tightest squad of 49er sailors on the planet.  There is a huge fleet of both 49er and 49erFX sailors stemming from their massive 29er youth system.  Ahead of the 49er Worlds they certainly enjoying the beautiful surrounds of Marseille by reviving the Baywatch into Video!.. The Hoff is strong in these sailors!

This Video is produced by the Big Men on Circuit, HP Sailing, Erik Heil and Thomas Plossel.

Special thanks to http://49er.org/lutzbeucke/ – http://49er.org/jurczoklorenz/ – http://49er.org/gorgesisters/ – http://49er.org/erichsenlutz/ and more!

Don’t forget to join us for the Semi Finals and Finals of the 49er World Championships, Sept 27-29, live broadcast on 49er.org.

Run hoff run abs ass