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5-10 July 2022 / Aarhus, Denmark

2022 European Championship

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“We can have gusts up to 30 knots and we still managed so we are happy,” said Charline Picon, teamed with Sarah Steyaert about the conditions today. The French pair, both Olympians (Picon with two medals) and World Champions, only started sailing together last October but are having their moments to shine.

It was the Schmidt sisters, Johanne and Andrea, of Denmark who lead the way in the 49er FX fleet and had a loud cheering squad when they returned with a 3,2,3 scoreline to top Americans Roble and Shea, two points behind in second followed by Bobeck and Nertzler of Sweden one point behind them in third.

With gusts above 30 knots and spinning rain squalls the 2022 49er, FX and Nacra 17 European Championships kicked off in Aarhus with all the top teams taking lessons from some new teams.

As the sailors hose the salt off their sails and boats, power down bowls of pasta, the vibe after sailing today was one of frustration and relief as they recounted how unpredictable shifts on the Bay of Aarhus left some hung out to dry on one side of the course or the other.

The 49er fleet was on land as the big rain squall engulfed the FX and Nacra fleets and those who set up for the bigger shifts each leg reaped big rewards while others ate double digit finishes.

49er Fleet

As the 49ers filter into the harbor to the tall, modern concrete base at Sailing Aarhus, there will certainly be a review of what worked and what didn’t today, and was it just the shifts that made the difference or did some of the veterans or new blood find new gears.

2021 World Champions, Bart Lambriex with Floris van der Werken (NED), set the standard with a 3, 2, 1 including a comeback from a bad start, and a comeback from a mid-pack first lap to show they can move through the fleet when necessary. Each of their comebacks came by jumping into shifts to pass packs and they had enough speed to make the boat on boat encounters fall in their favor.

Nacra 17 Fleet

Finish driver Sinem Kirby shook her head as she stretched her lifejacket over her head, standing in a puddle of fresh water. The day was a blur for her and the 32 Nacra sailors who all had to manage with 30-plus knot gusts and massive shifts to foil above the waves on the first day of their European Championship. Some big numbers ended up in many teams’ scorelines but this is just the beginning ing of the qualifying series here in Aarhus.

“It was kind of fun, but it didn’t go very well,” said Kurtbay, who won silver at Trofeo Princess Sophia this spring. When asked what “not very well” means she said, “I don’t even know, that’s how many boats were in front of us.”

No one was immune from the dicey conditions save for reigning Olympic champions Tita and Banti of Italy who ended day one with a 2, 1, 1. The second place Dutch pair of van der Meer and Bouwer faired as well with a 4, 2, 2 while even Tokyo silver medalists Gimson and Burnett caught a blemish of a 9 to add to their 5, 4. The British pair said they were uneasy with the conditions and were even anxious to get their sails down in the snappy gusts at the dinghy park.

The Dutch team are on a fast climb through the fleet and New Zealand sailors Wilkinson and Dawson are starting to see their best results yet winning race one and are sitting in fifth. The two teams are nestled among Olympic medalists that include Argentinian Nacra gold medalist Santiago Lange with new crew Victoria Travascio.

This Europeans is a benchmark event in this shortened Olympic cycle as it is the first event since Tokyo just over a year ago where all the top campaigners are on site and driving hard in their progression.

The big news here at Sailing Aarhus for the Nacra fleet is the development of upwind foiling following the addition of a new class rudder head in 2022 that is adjustable while sailing. Without getting too geeky with the details, this 1,000 euro upgrade is a game changer, allowing boats to go several knots faster upwind and unlocking more speed downwind.

The Italian team of Tita and Banti have certainly lead the way in finding the the magical recipe of settings that allow the four foils to both be lifting (leeward foils) and leveraging (windward foils) the boats righting moment, sending a Nacra 17 into a new level of performance. The rest of the fleet have been analyzing data and calibrating their control systems, feeling out this new mode of flight and getting to the compulsory skill of not just flying upwind, but doing it stable enough to squeeze out numbers in the 17 knots range.

Another windy day is forecast for day two and we will be looking out for the teams that keep opening top the throttle all around the course.

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The 2022 European Championship from Aarhus run from July 5-10, 2022. Daily live broadcasts will begin on July 8th and run through to the medal race finish on July 10th. For full results, photos, articles and more head to the regatta website.

Sailing Aarhus, International 49er Class Association and International Nacra 17 Class Association are pleased to invite the 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 classes to Aarhus for the 2022 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17 European Championship from July 1 to 10 in 2022.

The championship will be situated in Aarhus International Sailing Center in Aarhus Yacht Harbour close to the city centre, while racing will take place in the Bay of Aarhus only a few nautical miles east of the harbour. Learn more about the venue and facilities on www.aisc.dk/.



Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark located on the eastern shore of Jutland approximately 187 kilometers northwest of Copenhagen. Aarhus offers both great experiences and quality of life. Whether you are into beautiful natural surroundings or a big-city getaway, you will find a wide array of possibilities for pampering, entertainment, mindfulness and connecting with a unique community in the Aarhus Region.


The Aarhus region holds amazing natural scenery as far as the eye can see. Festivals, that are known both nationally and internationally. Culture, where museums, attractions and architecture break the boundaries as well as hygge, Vikings and abundances of activities both inside and outside.


Aarhus dates back to at least the late 8th century and among the oldest cities in Denmark. It was founded as a harbor settlement at the mouth of Aarhus River and quickly became a trade hub. The first Christian church was built here around the year 900 and later in the Viking Age the town was fortified with defensive ramparts.

Find out more and discover the city on www.visitaarhusregion.com

Did you know that Aarhus has been named the 3rd most sustainable city in the world?

According to Global Destination Sustainability Index Aarhus has been named the 3rd most sustainable city in the world Global Destination Sustainability Index – see the top 20 cities here.

Sustainable events will take place before, during and after the event – among other things a beach clean event. More to come on the Sailing Aarhus Facebook site.

Event program:   Friday 1 July                           0900 – 1800 Registration/Nacra Inspection Saturday 2 July                     0900 – 1800 Registration/49er Inspection 1900 Nacra 17 Class Open Forum Sunday 3 July                       0900 – 1800 Registration/Inspection 1900 49er Class Open Forum Day 0 – Monday 4 July                    0900 – 1100 Registration/Inspection 1300 Practice Races 1730 Competitors Briefing 1800 Opening Ceremony Day 1 – Tuesday 5 July                     1100 Qualifying Series Races Day 2 – Wednesday 6 July 1100 Qualifying Series Races Day 3 – Thursday 7 July                  1100 Qualifying Series Races Day 4 – Friday 8 July                       1100 Final Series Races Day 5 – Saturday 9 July                   1100 Final Series Races Day 6 – Sunday 10 July                    1000 Final Series Races / Medal Races   Prize Giving and Closing Ceremony as soon as possible after the Medal Races 6.2 On Sunday 10 July there will be no warning signal after 1400 for those taking part in the Final Series Races and after 1800 for those taking part in the Medal Races.

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The coaches meeting will take place at 9:00 am Wednesday 6th July in the Sailors Lounge PRO Tim Hancock

List of Non Members in 49er

As of June 30, 2022, these people are not recorded as being active members of the class and therefore are ineligible to compete at the Championship. If this is an error, please PM the class manager. Otherwise, please join via 49er.org -> class info -> membership.

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This is the twitter feed for @Rnacra17 (short for race alerts 49er and nacra 17) where the Organizers will try to relay push notifications and other useful information to the competitors. You can add twitter to your phone, follow this handle, and then turn on notifications for our tweets to get alerts. Alternatively, you can see the tweets here.

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Media, journalists, photographers and TV crews are very welcome in Aarhus for the 2022 49er, 49erFX & Nacra 17 European Championship.


For access to our press zone you need a media accreditation. Media accreditation is strictly reserved for media professionals (print, photo, radio, television, film, news agencies and online media or sailing organizations).


To get a media accreditation reach out to Sailing Aarhus press manager Jannik Friis by mail: jannik@sailing-aarhus.dk. The deadline for media accreditation is June 20 2022.