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16-21 November 2021 / Oman

2021 World Championship


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Ø  The Gran Canarian María Cantero (ESP) showed mastery of the Lanzarote regatta course in a complicated day with strong winds and big waves, getting a second place along with Patricia Suárez from Vigo. However, the first place was held by Ronja Grönblom and Veera Hokka (FIN).

Ø  The 49er class was led by Andrew Mollerus and Ian Macdiarmid (USA), followed by Maximilian Stingele and Linov Scheel (GER) and Diego Botín and Florian Trittel (ESP), who made their debut as a pair.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022.-
In this second part of the Lanzarote International Regatta for the Olympic sailing classes 49er, 49erFX and ILCA 7 with hard wind conditions and big waves, plus winds between 16 and 19 knots, which caused some boats and beacons to claw, which has delayed the races. Despite the bad weather, the Spaniards María Cantero and Patricia Suárez proved to dominate the Lanzarote regatta course, achieving the best position of the Spanish team, starting strong with a second place in the overall 49erFX classification, closely followed by the Belgians Isaura Maenhaut and Anouk Geurts. However, first place belongs to the Finns Ronja Grönblom and Veera Hokka

According to the Canarian sailor, the conditions have been tough, with quite a lot of swells that make the control of the boat and the weather play an important role in the regatta. “We are using this regatta to improve our equipment and today’s conditions were perfect for that, so we are happy to keep adding hours,” María Cantero said. Favorites BRA and BEL both missed one race but are sure to bounce back tomorrow.

Another stand out pair on the first day in the men’s 49er class and who debut in the Lanzarote International Regatta are the Cantabrian Diego Botin and the Catalan Florian Trittel, who debut with a victory in the first leg, and a third place in the overall standings, behind the Americans Andrew Mollerus and Ian Macdiarmid and the Germans Maximilian Stingele and Linov Scheel. “It has been a day with very good conditions, a bit at the limit for us to be able to keep the boat, there have been quite a few capsizes, we have had a couple too as we have made some mistakes that did not let us be further ahead, but we are happy with how we have sailed,” Botin commented.

Among the 49er also highlights another Canary Islander, Andrés Barrio, who competes with Antonio Torrado from Alicante, and who start the regatta in sixth place in the overall standings, followed by the duo competing for the Balearic Federation formed by Elías Aretz and the Mallorcan Albert Torres (seventh place). “Today has been a day with very complicated wind and wave conditions for sailing, since there were many possibilities of getting a puncture when a wave came down and capsizing,” explained the sailor from Gran Canaria. In his opinion, the key to obtaining good results was to have a lot of control of the boat to avoid compromising situations. “It has been a lot of fun to compete in these conditions, from my point of view and from what we have commented among all the sailors, it has been a challenge for everyone to complete the course without complications,” said Barrio.

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Lanzarote International Regatta 2022. First regatta for International Olympic Classes in 2022, organised by Marina Rubicon. 18 February, 2022 ©Sailing Energy / LANZAROTE INTERNATIONAL REGATTA 2022
Lanzarote International Regatta 2022. First regatta for International Olympic Classes in 2022, organised by Marina Rubicon. 16 February, 2022 ©Sailing Energy / LANZAROTE INTERNATIONAL REGATTA 2022
Lanzarote International Regatta 2022. First regatta for International Olympic Classes in 2022, organised by Marina Rubicon. 17 February, 2022 ©Sailing Energy / LANZAROTE INTERNATIONAL REGATTA 2022

Oman at a Glance

Perched on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman’s stark beauty and vastly contrasting landscapes have enchanted growing numbers of tourists each year.  With its magnificent desert, secret oases and  breathtaking mountain ranges, Oman is an alluring destination. A tropical underwater paradise lies beneath the turquoise sea, caressing the white sandy beaches that adorn the country’s stunning 3,165 km coastline.  

Alongside this natural wealth is Oman’s rich culture, which blends with modern infrastructure and historical features that span over 7,000 years. Grand forts, exquisite palaces and mystical souqs are sights to behold in the capital, Muscat. A visit to Oman makes you feel right at home from the time you arrive, until the moment you leave. The Sultanate is full of opportunities for adventure, including fascinating tours with an Arabian flavour.  

Oman’s coastline is a paradise for explorers. Its abundance of wildlife includes whales, dolphins, turtles, seahorses, and flamingos. Underwater, its incredible marine life is found close to the water’s surface.  





The mountains cover approximately 15% of the country’s land mass. Oman’s main mountain range is the 10,000 foot Al Hajar, which runs from Musandam in the North to the extreme limit of the Arabian Peninsula, Ras Al Had.  





Sands and deserts occupy the remaining area; these include two large sand deserts – The Wahiba Sands known as Rimalat Al Wahiba and part of the Empty Quarter (Rub Al Khali). Here you can learn about Bedouin culture, camp under a dome of stars and experience the beauty of dawn in the desert.




Oman is known for its tropical climate whilst still subject to seasonal changes. From October through April, the Sultanate offers a lovely climate, with an average temperature of 23 degrees C. Combined with welcoming hospitality, warm seas and stunning landscapes, you can see why tourism in Oman is a growing industry.

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