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5-11 July 2021 / Gdynia, Poland

2021 Junior World Championship


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The 49er, 49erFX, and Nacra 17 European Championships begins racing on September 14, 2021. It was originally scheduled for May 2020, then September 2020, then May 2021, and now finally will occur in the denouement from Tokyo 2020.

112 teams are competing, with attendance mostly limited to Europeans, but with a few teams from Oceania and the America’s. Covid 19 travel remains a high hurdle, but once on site the ambiance and feel of a normal regatta are in place.

Headlining the competition are John Gimson with Anna Burnett (GBR), fresh from their silver medal performance in Tokyo. They are one of the few Olympic teams ready to dip their tows in the water already.

There are huge contingents from both Germany and Great Britain, both nations embracing the squad mentality and promoting domestic competition alongside international competition. There is also a large local squad, with eight Greek teams taking part.

Team have been training in wonderful conditions to date, with daily sea breezes coming in around 1 pm, and staying strong for sailing through to sunset at about 8 pm.

Andrew Mollerus with Ian Macdiarmid (USA)
Odile Van Aanholt with Elise de Ruyter (NED)

As a warm up, the club hosted an Alexander the Great regatta for three days which about half the teams participated in. Winning in the 49er was Andrew Mollerus with Ian Macdiarmid (USA) and winning the 49erFX was Odile Van Aanholt with Elise De Ruyter.

Odile then bounced back the following morning to lead the fleet in our beach clean efforts.

Odile leading the beach clean

Racing runs for six days concluding on September 19, 2021. Results, photos, video and more are available at https://49er.org/event/2021-european-championship/

Day 1 Highlights

The link to the official notice board for further updates is here

Sailing Instructions

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Registration for Sailors is open now. It can be found here, and don’t forget to also become a member of the class.



Registration for coaches is open now. It can be found here:


You can register after clicking “entry form” bookmark and adding “Support boat fee / Coach fee” to the cart. Then you need to proceed to checkout. Preferred payment method is credit card.

Notice of Race

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Arrival and Quarantine Information

The teams can arrive as early as they like. However we, as PYA will finance their mooring in the Gdynia Marina only from 2nd of July (the starting date of the whole GSD). Before that they will need to discuss leaving their equipment in the Marina with the Marina managers, which should not be a problem.   The current Polish restrictions are as follows:   Rules for travelers coming to Poland from the Schengen area   Travelers will be quarantined unless they test negative for COVID-19. The test will have to be performed no later than 48 hours before crossing the border. Test type: PCR or antigenic. The new rules will apply to all means of transport: collective and individual transport as well as crossing the border on foot. Travelers who have been quarantined in Poland will be able to take a test, the negative result of which will release them from quarantine.   Rules for travelers coming to Poland from outside the Schengen area   Each traveler will be placed in quarantine. A test performed in the country of origin of the person will not be released from quarantine. Travelers who have been quarantined may take a test in Poland, the negative result of which will release them from quarantine. Test type: PCR or antigenic.   The vaccine will release you from quarantine   People vaccinated against COVID-19 will be released from quarantine. This will apply to people who have been issued a certificate of vaccination with a vaccine that has been authorized in the European Union.

For competitors from outside the EU:

Legally, Polish borders remain closed for travelers from outside EU. But, there is a permit for sports: 9. foreigners whose arrival takes place in connection with the participation, as a competitor, member of the training staff, doctor, physiotherapist or referee, in international sports competitions organised on the territory of the Republic of Poland by an international sports federation operating in Olympic or Paralympic sports or another recognized by the International The Olympic Committee or organized by an international sports organization with a continental range belonging to such a federation or a Polish sports association, as well as accredited journalists, after documenting to the Border Guard officer the fact of the competition, the date and nature of participation in a relevant letter issued by the organiser of the competition or certified by the Polish sports association competent in given sport. Each of these cases is considered individually by the Polish Border Guards. So sailors from outside of EU that would like to join the event, need to provide a scan of their passport and details about their flight (or other way of crossing the borders), preferably directly to Anna (email Anna Kuder <a.kuder@pya.org.pl>). She will let the Border Guards know about our event and try to obtain permits for the crews.