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December 3 - 8, 2019

2019 World Championships

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The 2013 European Championships will be held in Aarhus, Denmark, from June 29-July 7, 2013.

Aarhus is the skiff home base for team Denmark and has been an innovator in regatta hosting.  We are really in for a treat.  In addition, the championship will take pace at the same time as the Tall Ships festival, which means we can excpect the roughly 500,000 to also take an interest in our racing.

49ers are quite famous in Denmark after Jonas and Martin won Gold in 2008 in wild fashion.  Then Allan and Hannes won Bronze in 2012, so there is a lot of local interest in the 49er class.  We hope to capitalize on that with lots of media attention.

Notice Board 

Here is the notice of race for the regatta.

Sailor Registration is open and so is Coach registraion.  There are no surcharges if you pay by SWIFT but the credit card charges are added if you pay be CC, sailors choice.  Here is the list of who is registered.

The subsidized Coaching/Development program details are available here.

Here is the Media guide that outlines the live coverage.

Here is an outline of the schedule/format.


Aarhus Overview

 Aahus is a short drive from Keil Germany, so teams that wish to race in the 2013 Keiler Woche will already be in the area.  The 29er Worlds will also be in Aarhus at the end of July so there is lots of action in Denmark this year.

Aarhus Town and bay

The 2013 Europeans are being held at an overlapping time to the Aarhus Tall Ship event.  Here is an overview of where to two events will be headquartered.

race village aarhaus overview

In more detail, here is what the 49er event area will look like.

Spectator Area

We are planning on having the championship racecourse very close to the fanzone so the sailing will be visible all week.  We are working out the specific location for the different wind directions to ensure good racing.

Wind Cardinal

Here is an infographic for the different wind directions expected, strength, and likleyhood.

wind cardinal


Skandic hotels are a sponsor of the regatta.  They are modestly priced and convenient, so have a look.

Also, AirBnB is a good source for aleternative accoms in Aarhus.

Coach Boats


Port Tack Charter has coach boats available for the Europeans. 


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Attachment E

Attachment E for Sunday 8th December

Open file

Notice to Medal Race Competitors

These are the Quarantine areas for Medal Race Competitors.

Open file

Amendment No. 2 to Support Team Regulations

New Regulation 7.5 added

Open file

Final Series Start Lists

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Fleets

Open file

Sailing Instructions

Updated December 2, 2019.

Open file

Notice of Race

Updated November 14 with Amendments 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Open file

Jury Policies

Open file

Standard Penalties

Open file

Protest Time Limits

Protest Time Limits for Sunday 8th December.

Open file

Addendum Q

Open file

Support Team Regulation

Open file

Emergency Rule Change 49er - Flutter Patches

Open file

49erFX Playlist

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